The key to success is to believe in your own abilities

The key to success is to believe in your own abilities

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All of us have characteristics that set us apart, traits that make us who we are, which are part of our identity as unique individuals. This uniqueness is part of our beauty. Although mirrors cannot reflect that, it is just as striking as beautiful luscious hair or healthy skin. We can share our individuality with others—things we do well and things we are proud of. When we are willing to own and acknowledge our positive qualities, we feel more confident, making others perceive us in a more positive light. This is an excellent way of reminding yourself that you are good at this, that you can help others because of this, and that you are proud of yourself.

You can become aware of the valuable characteristics you have by first taking the time to examine them. To begin, you should observe the following three simple pointers:

Identify your abilities and talents and list them on a piece of paper.

It is difficult to accept and convince yourself of your strengths, especially when you dwell on your perceived shortcomings. However, it’s well worth the effort. When you catch yourself thinking negatively, forgive yourself and focus on the beautiful qualities that make you unique.

As J.M Barrie wrote in his most famous play “Peter Pan”: “The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it.” The moral of the story is, you should always believe in yourself, in your strength, because that gives you the power to succeed. Analyze your various aspects of life, and consider how you get involved with them—your strengths may surprise you.

Furthermore, try to stand out and make your qualities shine through everyday situations. Remembering your strengths is an excellent way to reinforce that knowledge. You should consider it as a chance to share your beautiful self rather than a chance to make yourself look good. If you enjoy cooking, invite some friends over to show how good of a cook you are. Are you a good writer? Then what about writing a letter to someone you love? You get to enjoy the positive traits you have and other positive characteristics by doing simple things like this.

Lastly, learn to accept compliments graciously. It’s relatively easy to brush praise off as unimportant. However, even though you may want to be humble, it is necessary to receive and accept compliments. The next time you receive praise, take a moment to savour it and respond with a thankful remark. For example, if you remember that person saying something at some point during the day, remind yourself of it now. Realizing that others see you differently is a beautiful gift that you should keep giving and receiving.

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