Nicole kidman in turmoil in hongkong because of her privilege not to undergo mandatory quarantine

Nicole kidman in turmoil in hongkong because of her privilege not to undergo mandatory quarantine

Louis Torronde - C19 Tamar news

Being a Hollywood star gives you rights – She is to film an Amazon series in Hong Kong, Australian star Nicole Kidman has been exempted from the mandatory quarantine that all foreign travelers must undergo. The population of the small territory of Hong Kong is very angry about this incredible privilege.

The decision of the Hong Kong government to facilitate the presence of the International Star for the new series of Amazon is mainly a political decision to restore the international image of Hong Kong because since 2019 and the pro-democracy protests harshly repressed by the Chinese government, the consequence being that many internationals have left the island.

A privilege that is far from pleasing, especially to expatriates in Hong Kong. Elizabeth Quat, a pro-Beijing MP, said she was “concerned about this exemption granted by the government” and acknowledged that she had “received a number of complaints from Hong Kong residents”.

“So we have Hong Kong residents who can’t go home if they’re not vaccinated, and Nicole Kidman can go in like that? That’s disgusting!”

“Dear Hong Kong friends and family, while you’re stuck in a hotel room for three weeks, how does it feel to know that if you’re from Hollywood, you’re exempt from these barbaric quarantine rules that Hong Kong residents are required to follow?” 

Et ça n’est pas la première fois que Nicole Kidman échappe à la règle : en juillet dernier, plusieurs médias rapportaient que l’actrice, son mari Keith Urban et leurs deux filles avaient échappé à la quarantaine en vigueur en Australie de retour d’un autre voyage.

Nicole Kidman et Keith Urban arrived at Sydney Airport with theirs  daughters Faith Margaret et Sunday Rose à Sydney, Australie | Photo: Getty Images

Hong Kong has decided to welcome series International fiction and this is just the beginning: in addition to Expats, Amazon has also just given the green light to the adaptation of Exciting Times, a series adapted from the best-seller by British author Naoise Dolan in which Phoebe Dynevor, the star of the Bridgerton series, will play a young Irish student at the heart of a love triangle with a banker and a lawyer, expatriates in Hong Kong like her. Preferably without quarantine….

Are these privileges going to continue while the local population is more and more upset against these stars who come to Hong Kong for the money without any empathy for the local population which has been suffering for years.

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