The Rolling Stones are stainless

The Rolling Stones are stainless

Despite the loss of their star musician, the band will continue to perform, especially on September 26 in the USA and there is a strong possibility that they will continue their career by recording a new album very soon.

The death of Charlie Watts comes at a time when the group was preparing to return to the road with the “No Filter Tour”, started in September 2017 and whose last dates in the United States had been postponed due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In early August, the Rolling Stones had announced their intention to perform without their illustrious drummer, weakened by surgery, and his replacement by Steve Jordan, 64, an old friend of the band who played with Stevie Wonder, Joe Cocker or John Mayer and was a member of Keith Richards’ solo project, the X-pensive Winos.

“The band wants to make this concert a celebration of Charlie’s life,” a close friend told The Sun tabloid. “He was like a brother to them and they know he would have hated them cancelling dates because of him. Charlie had given them his blessing to continue touring after his surgery. And they’re going to honor his wish.”

Mick Jagger, the leader of the group still has the thirst to sing, to perform on stage, he is 78 years old physically and 20 years old in his mind, still ambition, deep inside him, he wants to beat the record of records sold in his lifetime, the Rolling Stones are ahead of the Beatles 400 million albums, Michael Jackson 350 million albums and Elvis Presley 300 million albums.

250 million, that’s the number of records sold by the group in 57 years of career. The Rolling Stones have released at least 22 studio albums in the UK, 24 albums in the US, 8 live albums (concert recordings) and 32 compilations. The four most popular albums are Exile On Main Street (1972), Let It Bleed (1969), Beggars Banquet (1968) and Sticky Fingers (1971).

The Rolling Stones haven’t released a studio album since Blue & Lonesome, a covers record released in 2016. They then recorded the unreleased Living in a ghost town, recorded in 2019 and released in April 2020, with Mick Jagger drawing inspiration from the first confinement to write the lyrics. The last one with Charlie Watts.

The King is, Long live the King.

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