The biggest betrayals in football

The biggest betrayals in football

The world of soccer is intransigent and more and more focused on money, but it is a phenomenon that has always existed or transfers could be realized thanks to a tense situation between the player and the coach or the player and the club president.
Despite a valid contract and the presence of the player in the club for years.

What was impossible became possible, despite the competition between two enemy clubs, players made the step to join the enemy clan, against the advice of the heart and supporters. Here is the list of unlikely transfers that have been made.

5. Luis Figo

Yes, it might seem to be the biggest betrayal, but the full story is not told about Luis Figo. Luis Figo started his career in Lisbon and Tom went to Barcelona for a duration of five years and was beloved by the fans not only in footballing terms but in political terms. The Portuguese legend supported the liberation of Catalonia which made him a house favorite both in footballing terms and political terms in Barcelona. Sadly, all good things must come to an end and Figo was forced to leave Barcelona because of a contract scheme planned by Florentino Perez. 

Header Image by Hoch Zwei via Imago

In the contract, it was written that Figo had to sign for Madrid if Perez won his elections to become president of Madrid which was truly saddening since the only reason the figure was negotiating with Madrid was to get a higher salary in Barcelona and wanted to use Madrid as a bargaining tool but sadly they used him and the Barcelona fans never forgot what happened and when he came back to the camp now his life as a footballer changed forever.

4. Leonardo Bonucci

At 4th place we have the recent European Championship winner and one of the best Italian defenders of all time. Bonucci started his career at Inter Milan that’s where he developed and grew until becoming one of the best defenders in the world at the time. His decision to leave Inter Milan to Ac Milan made many Italians and Inter Milan fans angry at the player and the betrayal of his boyhood club. What made it even worse is him leaving AC Milan two Juventus which only worsened his case and made him one of the most hated players in the city of Milan.

Source: Massimo Insabato

3. Sol Campbell

One of the most prestigious and best English defenders of all time is also regarded as one of the biggest traitors in English football. Campbell start this career in the youth academies of spurs and spent almost over a decade playing for Tottenham Hotspur but his transfer to go to arsenal tarnished his career but not only leaving arsenal leaving on a free after saying he was happy at the club and totally betraying his boyhood club to win trophies and go to the best team in London at the time.

Sol Campbell says he can "bring something new to the table"

2. Ashley Cole

Being one of the best players at his position, prime Ashley Cole who grew up at Arsenal and playing for the club since he was 15 playing for both the Academy and at the professional level. But his betrayal was shown when he decided to leave arsenal to go to Chelsea which made him one of the most hated players in England not only because of that decision but also adding on to that his sexual misconduct was brought to light in that time as well which hurt his career and instead of being regarded as the best left-back in English football arguably, he’s one of the most hated players in world football and English football.

1. Carlos Tevez

I think it’s fair to say that Carlos Tevez is the most hated player in Manchester and that is without a doubt. The player who was scouted by Sir Alex Ferguson that was brought up by him as well and truly became one of the best attackers in football under his belt the betrayal of him going to Manchester City was regarded as one of the biggest betrayals in football. Not only did he leave to a rival club, but he didn’t seem to care and marked Manchester United and Sir Alex Ferguson with posters of him saying welcome to Manchester and he found that funny criticism of Sir Alex which made him the most hated footballer in Manchester and is regarded as one of the biggest betrayals in football.

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