The 10 right decisions to declare your love to your child

The 10 right decisions to declare your love to your child

Andrea Smadja - C19 Tamar news

To become a parent of children requires a lot of time, patience and to transmit a lot of love, it is not necessary to hesitate to declare its flame to its children, here are the 10 good decisions to cherish them without moderation


1. They have better self-confidence.
They should not hesitate to say I love you to their children, it will give them a huge self-confidence, they will integrate in their life that love is not taboo, saying I love you is not ashamed so the barriers of life will be easier to cross.

2. They feel the support of their parents.
Parents who are present for a child have the certainty of having sociable children, who will refuse solitude and a great facility to go towards the others.

3. They are not afraid of the gaze of others 
Parents who are not afraid to say I love you to their children will have children who shine in society, speak without problems in front of an audience, and pass their exams without difficulty.

4. It makes them more altruistic
A child who receives love will return this love to his wife and children later on, they will be faithful and sure friends. They will share their love without moderation because they are sure that the love they received in their youth is inexhaustible.

5. They are ambitious without being conceited. 
From their early childhood, they have heard that they are the most intelligent, the most gifted, they have a self-confidence that has no limit, they are convinced to succeed by respecting the people around them without crushing anyone.

6. They are happier
Parents who believe in their children, who do not ask themselves whether the verb “to love” is to be conjugated in the future, past or present tense, will have happy children, who feel good about themselves, transmitting positive waves to their children generates happiness.

7. They want the world to be a better place
An overflow of love received will result in the child pouring this love too perceived to the society around him, they are not afraid to give. 

8. They are reckless
Children loved and pampered by their children are children who are not afraid of tomorrow, they are convinced that tomorrow is a better day and that the sun shines for everyone.

9. They are grateful children.
who appreciate what their parents have done for them, to pay for their studies, their vacations, their first car, they have strong values on thanking the people who have helped them. 

10. They become good people and excellent parents in their turn 
Love is a value that is transmitted from generation to generation, loving parents give better children who do not hesitate to share their love.

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