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With NBA free agency just opening last night at 6:00 PM some great acquisitions have been made for mostly all teams. The New York Knicks however decided to go with the 29-year-old French shooting guard who has been going crazy recently in the Olympics scoring 28 points against the USA Basketball team. While Evan Fournier is not one of the most notable and marquee free agents in this year’s free agency, he is a great scorer who not only can shoot from anywhere around the court but also can drive to the basket.

He is not a Steph Curry type of shooter he can’t drive to the basket-like LeBron can but he can do both of those things at an efficient rate since he has been averaging over 17 points per game in his career which is exactly what the Knicks needed and were lacking last season a good shot creator that can shoot at an efficient rate and can get you a bucket whenever you need him which is something the Knicks desperately needed against the Hawks.

One of his weaknesses is his defense which is not exactly at the level Tom Thibodeau would like it to be but if there is anything we can trust Tom Thibodeau would do his work with Evan on his defense which will elevate his game even more.

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