NBA Special : Milwaukee Bucks Team

NBA Special : Milwaukee Bucks Team

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Recently after winning the title the Milwaukee Bucks have all the potential to run it back next year and contend for a championship. Although next year will be a much tougher year for the Milwaukee Bucks as you saw this year, they had a difficult time beating a Brooklyn Nets team with an injured Harden and no Kyrie.

If the Brooklyn Nets stay healthy it is a formality for them to make it out of the east but with the help of the best player in the world as we previously ranked and you can check that article right there the right team is built around Giannis Antetokounmpo the Milwaukee Bucks can make it a possibility to go back-to-back.

The first thing they must do is keep Jrue Holiday. He is probably the best perimeter defender in the league and has been hailed as the toughest defender to face by Kevin Durant. What we think must be done is to trade Khris Middleton. Although it might seem crazy, the man who has been the calm Batman of the team has been one of the most inconsistent All-Stars this year. Batman needs to save the day every day not once every three games.

I think a package that could be done is Khris Middleton and some other assets for Bradley Beal who has made it clear that he wants to leave Washington especially after the Russell Westbrook trade. Unlike Middleton, Beal is one of the most efficient scorers and ended up second to the scoring champ Stephen Curry, I think this type of trade will give a true Robin and borderline Batman to Giannis and a consistent player who gives us all night in and night out no matter if he’s at home or away.

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