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The transfer of Lionel Messi is a comic-tragic series, there are winners and losers. The list of winners are : Lionel Messi, PSG, Qatar, the French soccer league, the media, the advertising agencies and the losers are: Barça, the Catalan fans, the PSG fans and the Spanish soccer league that loses its solid gold asset.

So why in the list of losers, the PSG fans because with the arrival of Lionel Messi, it is certain that the dressing room will be divided, it is a galaxy of stars but not a team. PSG has become a team like the Cosmos of New York in the 70s and Manchester United in recent 
years.The dream of PSG fans is not to see on the PSG balance sheet the number of shirts sold by their club but to hold up the cup with two ears.

PSG by winning the bid by signing Lionel Messi, the best in the world without compensation to Barça because he was free is an excellent financial deal, for PSG, it is the guarantee of selling at least 2 jerseys per year at 80 euros per shirt, the transfer and his salary are largely amortized, advertising and TV revenues will explode, the PSG Club is a big winner.

Transfer and his salary are largely amortized, the advertising and TV incomes will explode, the PSG Club is a big winner financially, sport-wise, it’s more complicated.

According to Le Parisien, the salary of the Argentine will amount to 41 million euros net per year (more than his new teammates Neymar, about 36 million, and Kylian Mbappé, 18 million), an amount to which must be added the bonuses, which would represent a total of 120 million euros over two years . This will create significant jealousy between the best player in the world (Lionel Messi) with a salary of 60 million euros per year and the challenger Kylian Mbappé who becomes a dwarf in terms of salary with an income 6 times less.

In the middle, Neymar and his small “36” million euros per year who will try to exist in this rain of money and the other players, they will be the “smicards” of PSG, Hello the atmosphere in the locker room and the cup with big ears may be deaf to the siren songs of the dance of the financial wolves who now give the tempo to PSG, displeasing to the basic supporters of PSG who regret the years of Rai, Susic, Dalheb and Pauleta, they lived PSG at 100%.

Qatar is the other big winner of this exceptional transfer. Qatar has been playing the soccer card for more than 10 years to improve its image in the world and to be the best in comparison with its neighbors, United Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia.
With the successful transfer of Lionel Messi, all these competitors in the region are lagging behind.

The transfer of Lionel Messi is a great media springboard for the image of Qatar, everyone has forgotten the pots and pans of Qatar for the World Cup 2022, the illegal workers, they are paid and treated like slaves, stories of corruption for obtaining the World Cup 2022 etc …

The French soccer league is going to get richer with TV rights that might fly away but for next year because for this year Amazone paid a very good price for this year, 250 million euros, which is ridiculously low compared to the English championship that reaches records at more than 3 billion euros, that is to say 10 times more than the French championship. The French soccer league should make up for it with the international TV rights, the liga receives 1 billion euros for the international rights.

And the big losers are the Barça fans, who are orphans of Messi, together, they shared everything, they won everything, they can’t stand this affront to their club, Messi is gone for the money. Time heals all wounds, but those of the heart is the hardest to forgive and forget.

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