5 reasons why Lionel Messi might fail at PSG

5 reasons why Lionel Messi might fail at PSG

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Behind the image of the exceptional transfer of Lionel Messi to PSG, there is a reality on the ground and in the locker room that coul complicate the success of Lionel Messi at PSG  .

Lionel Messi is from Barcelona, he is Catalan and he is Argentine, there is no place in his heart and in his skin to be Parisian or anything else thing. By signing for PSG, only his bank account became Franco-Qatari. His wife is of the same origin, she was born in Rosario in Argentina and they have always lived together in Barcelona where he is considered a King, his wife a Queen and his children Princes. In Spain, there is still royalty, not in France. There will be excitement at the beginning on both sides and then Paris and the Parisians will turn to something else. Paris and the Parisians will turn to something else, there are so many events in Paris and on the side of Messi, the nostalgia for Barcelona will take precedence over the moment of the signature of the contract and the matches , Clermont soccer vs PSG will give him the blues….

– Lionel Messi underwent very heavy treatments during his adolescence in order to grow and reach a normal size, including Levothyroxine, the major contraindication of this drug is the significant risk of developing fractures. major contraindication of this drug is the important risk of developing fractures, this risk is visible in Lionel Messi because on the last five seasons, he has been injured 15 times, which is considerable and more has been injured 15 times, which is considerable and more than 5 injuries on the last two seasons, including on the 2019/20 season with a foot injury that required more than 2 hours of training which required more than 2 months of treatment. Lionel Messi is going to be 35 years old, he is more fragile and his body mechanics are not at their best like Cristiano Ronaldo. Lionel Messi is on the end of his career physically and he will be associated with his friend, Neymar, still injured, it may rumble in the Parc des Princes and in the French press, if the criticism becomes too much French press, if the criticism becomes too strong, Lionel Messi may take the plane back to his beloved land, Catalonia.

– The other reason for the possible failure of Lionel Messi in PSG and precisely the arrival of Messi in PSG, let’s not forget that Neymar left Barcelona to free himself from Lionel Messi and of the too imposing place of Messi in Barça. Neymar left Barça to win titles and a golden ball, after 3 seasons at PSG, the balance sheet is meager, no European title and no golden ball. The question is: did Lionel Messi come to win titles and a golden ball or to win trophies for PSG and a golden ball for Neymar? It is certain that a bitter and embittered Neymar, if he doesn’t win anything, will lead to tense relations in the dressing room and the whole in the locker room and all the professional football world knows that a locker room with complicated relations gives distressing sports results.

– The fourth reason is sporting, the PSG is a team of stars which did not win anything at the European level and moreover, has just lost its national title to the profit of a great team from Lille. In this PSG team, there are players with oversized egos. What will be the reaction of Kylian Mbappé, Di Maria Neymar, Paredes, Verratti, Icardi, Drexler and others, will they play for Messi and will they play for themselves, for their statistics, for their glory? Will coach Pochettino know how to manage his team and get the best out of everyone? The question remains, knowing that Pochettino has drawn the best of teams without stars, he goes to another dimension with another budget, he goes from the realization of an author’s film to a Hollywood super production.

– The fifth reason is purely politico-sportive because PSG, since the takeover of the Qataris, has not won anything on the European level, no trophy. Doha has invested billions of dollars, until now in pure loss and with disappointments that are engraved in the marble of the history of European cups. PSG was the laughing stock of Europe and the world with the famous “remontada” (against Messi)..and they did it again in 2019 with Manchester United, getting eliminated by an average Manchester team by losing 3 to 1 at the Parc. The owners of PSG have lost on all fronts, athletically and financially. Last year, PSG lost in France and in Europe, no trophy, the management team gives the impression that they are playing their last card, their backs are against the wall and they have no right to make mistakes, with the “MESSI” card. It’s a royal card but it passes or it breaks. The leaders will not be able to accept to lose with a royal team on paper and in diamond on the salaries to be paid every month. The team will evolve with a huge pressure and at the slightest crack, the boat will take water. The team will be expected at every game and nothing, absolutely nothing will be forgiven of them.

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