Who are the potential coaches to replace Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Who are the potential coaches to replace Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

With Man United losing yesterday to BSC Young Boys because mainly of tactical failures, the question to sack Ole has been questioned and here are our top five picks.

5. André Villas-Boas

Wow, he does not seem like Manchester United material André Villas-Boas is a top manager who managed to bring back Champions League football to Marseille even beat PSG after the club couldn’t beat them for almost eight years. We think that the spending capabilities Manchester United has and the possible link between him and Ronaldo as Portuguese men might help the team become better than they are right now. He is an underrated manager with some great tactical knowledge and if given the opportunity can help the club win silverware.

4. Lucien Favre

The Frenchman is a mastermind when it comes to football. He Coached well in the Champions League which was a very rare case for the club. He was then promoted to Borussia Dortmund where he accomplished many great things and helped grow players and, on many occasions, almost beating Bayern to the Bundesliga title.

3. Ernesto Valverde

The Spanish coach did not end on good terms with Barcelona and its fans, but it was shown that many of Barcelona’s failures weren’t his fault. Whilst not having much success with Barcelona his tactical analysis of the game is world-class. Many can argue that he was only successful because of Messi but on many occasions, he did not rely on Messi to win him games rather relied on his football knowledge and trying to play a tiki-taka style of football.

2. Antonio Conte

One of the favorites for this job would be Antonio Conte. After leading his team to a Serie A title and turning Lukaku into a goal-scoring machine like he used to be is truly showing his greatness. He wasn’t only able to do it in Milan he was even able to do it in the best league in the world with Chelsea winning the Premier League Which is something he can help United win that they most desperately desire. What is questionable is his tactical way of the game and if it really fits the way that Manchester United wants to play.

5. Zinedine Zidane

Undoubtedly the best coach available in the world right now. After winning three champions leagues with Ronaldo, we tend to believe like many football fans that the chemistry between the two is already proven. Whilst having a decent season last year with Real Zidane decided to leave because of his incapability of winning silverware. Manchester United might be a new opportunity for Zidane. Have one of the most talented squads in the world and something is done loves great bench players. Zidane will not only help the first team and the star players, but he will use the Academy as well and help players like Greenwood become the best in the world.

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