The benefits of sport

The benefits of sport

Sport has many benefits, some of which are very popular, others a little less known. For example, it is recognized that practicing sports releases endorphins, the well-being hormone, and thus reduces stress and frees the mind.

It also strengthens our heart, facilitates blood circulation, improves breath and above all helps to reduce the amount of sugar in the blood, thus the risk of diabetes. The practice of sport during the day allows us to relax our muscles and facilitates sleep, and is an effective remedy for people who have difficulty finding sleep. But also, by activating regions of the brain that regulate self-control and impulses, sport allows us to better manage certain impulsive practices such as our eating habits.

Thus, the benefits of regular sports practice are numerous and scientifically studied, such as the study of the University of Wisconsin in Maryland which confirms that physical activity helps fight against colds and flu because it strengthens the immune system.

Similarly, a study from the University of Leiden in the Netherlands showed that physical activity improves creativity and allows people to be more imaginative than sedentary people. The difference between active and sedentary people doesn’t stop at creativity because active people also show more drive and enthusiasm than sedentary people and are able to fight fatigue more easily according to a study published in the Journal of sport and exercise psychology. 

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