Surfing duck in Australia

Surfing duck in Australia

BBC news :Isabelle Rodd

February 1 2021

When Australian woman Kate Miller decided to get a pet duck last year, she had no idea he'd become a local beach celebrity too.
Affectionately named Duck, he follows her into the water each day and delights onlookers by bodysurfing.

Miller adopted 8-year-old Duck to lift her spirits during the coronavirus pandemic — and had no idea she would be raising a local celebrity.
“I could write a book on people’s reactions. Everyone’s amazed and intrigued, and he always draws a crowd,” Miller said.
The family started to bring Duck to the beach for surfing outings, and he quickly took to the water.
“We would catch a wave and he’d just follow us and realize it was fun,” said Miller, who said that Duck loves to surf so much that he’s picked up on indications that Miller is headed to the beach.
“When we open the bottle of sunscreen he honestly can smell it,” Miller said.
Duck is reminiscent of the multicolored Mandarin Duck who drew crowds to the Central Park pond in late 2018.

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