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C19 world news is a global news site and we propose to publish articles discussing the following topics
  • Sanitary
  • Medical
  • Covid 19 pandemic
  • Economy
  • Finance
  • Social
  • Bio – business
  • Bio – Life
  • Bio – new energy
  • Sport after the covid 19 crisis

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  • Esotericism, marabouts, healers or bonesetters.
  • The Casino / Gambling / Sports Betting and Gambling (without agreement)
  • Selling drugs online or selling miracle cures.
  • Violence, defamation, racism, xenophobia or hatred.
  • Pornography, hot dating, erotica, or abuse.
  • Political, religious, sectarian or community propaganda.
  • MLM or multi-level marketing systems.
  • Pyramid systems.
  • Trainings and / or tips to get rich.
  • Strong alcohols, Liqueurs, Tobacco and their derivatives such as electronic cigarettes for example.