Spiderman The 5 best scenarios for the new movie “No way home”

Spiderman The 5 best scenarios for the new movie “No way home”

With the release of the new movie of the Spideman series, the rumors are flying and all the ideas about the story of this new opus are going well in all social networks.

5. Charlie Cox Helping Spidey?

This is a very weird fan theory that has been going around but does seem to be relevant and reasonable. It is Daredevil, a known attorney trying to help Peter in his legal issues that he has been recently in. Our answer is we do not believe it’s daredevil since he seems to have not used any walking stick which although he doesn’t need to still use it in public so that nobody can speculate his actual real identity.


4. Spiderman Vs Dr. Strange?

Yes, this might seem crazy. Why would Peter want to fight the man that is trying to help? For one simple reason Doctor Strange is trying to catch these villains from other universes, lock them up and send them back to die most likely. And the friendly neighborhood Spider Man it’s not too fond of killing even his enemies which might explain why there are fight scenes between Peter and Doctor Strange.

Image: Marvel Studios via Polygon

3. Ned Becomes Hobgoblin

With Spiderman having his identity revealed to the world and being forced to go to Doctor Strange to help him, the event that happens in the trailer of him asking for a spell for everyone to forget he was Spiderman may affect his friendships and relationships. His friendship with Ned might be destroyed and this trust in Peter might be somewhat hurt since he will not remember what happened in the past and probably think that Peter didn’t trust him with the secret or didn’t come forward sooner which might send him to the dark side in being a hobgoblin. It’s not the first time that a friend of peters became a villain; we’ve seen that with both Spiderman in the past.

2. The Sinister 6

With Doc Ock being confirmed to be in the movie we also saw a green goblin grenade that was thrown but will it be William Dafoe that is still unanswered. Some of the things that you might have missed though it’s moments in the trailer well there seems to be lightning hunting maybe at the possibility of there being Electro there also seems to be sand which might confirm Sandman and rumor has it that he seems to be protecting Peter. Lastly, although we’re still missing one last member the 5th member might have been seen end has been speculated and seems to be either venom or the lizard to us it does seem to be venom but the darkroom in which she is mate effect that.

1. Mephisto

Yes, the most common theory is that Mephisto, the devil of the Marvel Universe is trying to trick Peter disguised as Doctor Strange. It’s not the first time that would happen since in the comics Mephisto has done it previously disguised as Doctor Strange to trick Peter. The reason why I and many others believe so is that this is not like Doctor Strange to do something like that for a kid pudding every universe at risk yet he does so but the most striking thing for me and for most marvel fans is that one he says in the trailer “be careful what you wish for Peter” seems rather odd. Since Doctor Strange would know that if this is risky, he wouldn’t do so yet he warns a teenage boy this is not his type of behavior. Which makes it very exciting and the possibilities of what might happen in the movie.

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