PSG Flopped as we expected

PSG Flopped as we expected

Dan Smadja - 19 Septembre 2021

©MaxpppLionel Messi sous le maillot du PSG.

It’s not the first time a star-studded PSG team couldn’t write themselves into the history books. 

A plethora of egos once again can beat a team from Belgium which they managed to do last year beating them 3-0. 

The combination of the so-called best player of all time, one of the biggest egos in world football in Neymar and the upcoming star who is building his own ego up and Kylian Mbappe.

Neymar et Messi à l'entraînement ce jeudi 19 août. © Maxppp - Aurélien Morissard

Rather than building a team around a couple of stars, PSG decided to rely once again only on superstars which are proven not to work for them. Lionel Messi almost scored a goal and got an assist, but he is not getting paid over a million a week for almost getting goals and assists. 

Neymar looked nonexistent. He was signed from Barcelona to create opportunities for first teammates it didn’t even seem he could do that he had a few successful dribbles but that doesn’t win you games. 

Mbappe with his own ego clearly has had enough of PSG and wanted to leave in the last two weeks of the transfer window but because of PSG and its owners, he was forced to stay. 

Whilst getting an assist it wasn’t enough for PSG to win and it wasn’t enough of a good performance against the worst team in their group, he seemed uninterested in the game and later left in the 50th minute due to injury which is something Neymar might be familiar with.

For over 10 years the owners have been told one thing to control the players: it’s not all about the money. 

If the players are not managed, they won’t play for the team, and they will play for themselves, for example, Neymar being rumored to fake injuries so we can celebrate birthday parties in Brazil. 

If you don’t believe us, then maybe you’ll believe a Ballon d’Or winner in Michael Owen

He was quoted saying on BT Sport, “As much as we drool over them, this PSG team with those forwards, they’re all phenomenal players, but three together makes it weaker for me and I don’t really understand why they’re one of the favorites for it. 

I think the English teams Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City and Manchester United are by far superior.”

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