One president-elected, Joe Biden, against a president ejected Donald Trump

One president-elected, Joe Biden, against a president ejected Donald Trump

By MDS C19 news , January 7 2021

In January 2017, President Donald Trump entered through the big door of the Capitol, in January 2021, he left through the small window.

By yelling wolves and election rigging, a pack of right-wing extremists, calling themselves pro Trump, attacked the Capitol in Washington, this symbol of democracy has been defiled by vandals who claim to be patriots but despots.

THEY DARE to desecrate this high place of freedom, THEY DARE to defile these walls that have witnessed so many American presidents elected by the American people, THEY DARE to defame the American Constitution.

This has happened in the eyes of the world and President Donald Trump did not intervene to stop these criminals, a tweet to condemn the unspeakable is too little.

Donald Trump missed his exit and he led the Republican Party into defeat.

Donald Trump can be compared to Attila, the celebrity of the Huns in the 5th century, the legend says that behind the passage of Attila, the grass doesn't grow anymore. By insisting on calling into question the November 2020 U.S. elections, openly criticizing the U.S. judiciary, publicly disavowing his vice president, Mike Pence, he brought this gang of outlaws to loot the Capitol. Donald Trump had fun with fire, he created a brazier .

Donald Trump has especially given the image of a man of the past who does not recognize his defeat and a man who is a divider rather than a gatherer, he thought about his personal interests, which is the opposite of the presidential office, after these dramatic events, his political future is over and he darkens very heavily the political future of his daughter Ivanka Trump or his son-in-law Jared Kushner.

Moreover, the President-elect, Joe Biden, gave him a lesson in civic morality and democracy during his speech during the pro Trump rebellion on Capitol Hill, after this magnificent speech, Joe Biden appeared to be a great man while the outgoing president turned out to be a small man as a parenthesis of history.

Since the beginning of the Covid 19 virus crisis, Donald Trump has been absent or minimally involved in this pandemic where more than 360,000 Americans have died.

No one knows if Joe Biden will do better than Donald Trump in managing this crisis but it is certain, reading the latest events that the new President, Joe Biden will show more compassion to the suffering of Americans who contracted the Covid 19 virus.

After these tragic events, Donald Trump has lost everything, he still has silence, let's hope he will make good use of it.

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