Lionel Messi, the new Buffalo Bill of the French soccer championship

Lionel Messi, the new Buffalo Bill of the French soccer championship

Lionel Messi became the new toy of Qatar, a very, very expensive toy but a toy nevertheless. He entered at the hour of play in a match which was folded in advance, between a galactic team, the best players of the world (PSG) and a valiant team, courageous but close to the league 2 in its game and its annual budget (Reims).

The question is to understand: what did Lionel Messi come to PSG for, apart from money? The sheikh of Qatar bought himself another racing car. The transfer of Lionel Messi to PSG made headlines all over the world, successful marketing operation for PSG and Qatar but for Lionel Messi, to be agitated in a stadium of League 2 yesterday and tomorrow in Clermont Ferrand, that turns to the ridiculous.

Lionel Messi is ending his career on a casting error as Buffalo Bill at the end of the nineteenth century or the famous cowboy, mythical figure of the conquest of the American west, admired by the American people for his courage and his bravery, representing freedom, Buffalo Bill earned a lot of money but he was very unhappy and he missed the landscapes of the American West terribly.

By signing with PSG, he became an object, a marketing object, a media object, a financial object, all of this at the same time but hardly a soccer player, a competitor, the one who entered the arena of mythical stadiums like Real Madrid, Valencia, Bilbao, Sevilla and especially Barca, Sevilla and especially Barça with a crazy atmosphere where Spain lives on the tempo of Football or each match is a party, it arrives in a championship where some matches will be at the height of its prestige and the rest of the year with fans who encourage more easily beer and French fries than players.

The end of autumn and winter may be long and depressing.  Will his health and his mental state allow him to practice his incredible rides, dribbling his opponents with the ball at his feet and scoring fantastic goals, the future will tell.

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