Haunting images of America’s painful past

Haunting images of America’s painful past

Video by Joaquim Salles


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February 4 2021

Seattle photographer Rich Frishman travels the world shooting photography assignments for over 100 magazines, corporations and nonprofits. Frishman's portrait photography has appeared on the cover of hundreds of magazines and annual reports. His fine art photography is included in a wide range of private and institutional collections, including the Smithsonian. His commercial clients range from The Casey Family Foundation to Zurich Financial and include National Geographic and Sports Illustrated. Frishman specializes in psychological landscapes and illustrative photomosaic collages. His work is recognized for its technical mastery and unique combination of compassion and humor. A photographic storyteller, Rich has garnered dozens of prestigious awards over the past thirty years. He was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in 1983. Since then his art has appeared on the covers of LIFE, Time, SI, and many international magazines.

Rich Frishman has travelled across the US, photographing the vestiges of racial oppression in smalltown America.

From bricked-over segregated entrances to the gravesites of lynching victims, "these places surround us and we don't realise it," he says.

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