Severe thunderstorms hit New York State hard

by David Smadja 10 July 2023

  From the smallest street to the grandest avenue, all were transformed into rivers, sweeping away everything in their path. A state of emergency has been declared in...

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It looks like the apocalypse, but it’s only a cloud

by David Smadja 9 July 2023

  With the wars in Ukraine, and tensions with Russia and Iran, we can see clouds that look like a nuclear explosion. In fact, it's a particular cloud,...

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Insects invade New York City

by Louis Torronde 7 July 2023

  Millions of insects have invaded New York City since June. They're invisible to the naked eye, but these tiny insects infiltrate every part of the body. For...

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Unused cell phones, a golden market

by David Smadja 6 July 2023

  Your old cell phones have become a potential windfall for the Global Telecommunications Manufacturers Association (GSMA) and twelve operators, who on Tuesday announced a series of commitments...

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AI scares the church and the Vatican

by c19-worldnews 5 July 2023

  The Vatican echoes Nelson Mandela's famous quote: "To make peace with an enemy, you have to work with that enemy, and that enemy becomes your partner." The...

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China’s Huawei and ZTE on Brussels’ red list

by David Smadja 4 July 2023

  Brussels has come to realize the danger posed by 5G for Chinese companies. In fact, Europe has realized that they have been spied on by Beijing. A...

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Canada’s wildfires send carbon emissions through the roof

by David Smadja 3 July 2023

  The alarm bells are ringing with carbon emissions at an all-time high, thanks to Canada's historic forest fires, which have already surpassed the national annual record. The...

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U.S. economic system affected by pandemic aid fraud

by David Smadja 30 June 2023

  The sum is enormous: nearly two hundred billion dollars were fraudulently paid out to SMEs in the United States as part of the assistance provided during the...

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Ocean warming poses a real danger

by Louis Torronde 29 June 2023

  The oceans have reached the limit of their capacity to store heat resulting from human activity. No longer able to fulfill their role as a CO2 pump,...

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Which is the longest river, the Amazon or the Nile?

by David Smadja 28 June 2023

  This question has been on every scientist's lips for years: the Nile or the Amazon, which is the longer of the two? To answer this question, an...

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10 greenhouse gases

by Louis Torronde 27 June 2023

  Greenhouse gases fall into two main categories: natural greenhouse gases and industrial greenhouse gases. Naturally occurring greenhouse gases are : Water vapor, H2O: the most important greenhouse...

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Louisiana affected by climate change

by Louis Torronde 26 June 2023

  Climate change is already causing population displacement, and over 200 million people could be forced to move within their own country by 2050. It's already happening, and...

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A new law from Brussels against Israel

by Louis Torronde 25 June 2023

  Brussels has decided that products imported from "the occupied Palestinian territories" must be traceable. This decree has slipped under the media radar, but it's an official decision:...

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War is declared between Canadian media and Meta

by Louis Torronde 23 June 2023

  Canada has passed a law requiring digital giants to enter into fair trade agreements with local media for the content shared on their platforms, Meta announced on...

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Apple prefers to invest in “space computers” instead of Metaverse

by David Smadja 22 June 2023

  Apple has unveiled its own virtual reality headset, dubbed "Vision Pro". It will go on sale in 2024 and cost around $3,500. This is the first new...

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Fires in Canada will be catastrophic this summer

by David Smadja 21 June 2023

  At least 450 fires continued to burn in several regions of Canada on Wednesday. The unprecedented scale of the situation, fueled by drought and extreme heat, highlights...

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Ocean Gate Company in turmoil

by David Smadja 21 June 2023

  In the wake of the Titan submarine tragedy not far from the wreck of the Titanic, everyone is looking to Ocean Gate, the company behind these underwater...

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Qatar’s money killed Lionel Messi’s passion for soccer

by David Smadja 16 June 2023

  His arrival at PSG was a triumph, and his departure from the Qatari billionaires' club is a disaster and an insult to Lionel Messi's footballing genius. The...

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Friends are there to make you feel good

by David Smadja 15 June 2023

  In these times of pandemic and social loneliness, it is good to have real friends. Personal development is built through a network of friends that will be...

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A revolutionary new energy has been created

by David Smadja 12 June 2023

  This is a real revolution and a major American advance that could lead to a new way of producing energy in the world. “It’s a major breakthrough...

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