Swiss approve of Israeli artificial meats

by Louis Torronde 30 August 2023

  Israeli manufacturer, Aleph Farms, will soon be on Swiss plates, but it will take a few more years. Aleph Farms, backed by American star Leonardo DiCaprio, has...

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“Barbie” film, an outstanding success in China

by Franck De Grasse 29 August 2023

  It's the unexpected surprise of the year. Firstly, the American film Barbie has received censorship approval for distribution in China. And yet, far from meeting China's moral...

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Is Elon Musk racist?

by Louis Torronde 27 August 2023

  The facts are troubling because, in its job postings and recruitments from September 2018 to September 2022, SpaceX falsely claimed it could only hire Americans The reaction...

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FC Cincinnati vs. Inter Miami What to Expect!

by Dan Smadja 23 August 2023

  Inter Miami   With Inter Miami slowly rising back up the ranks, this game has been the most anticipated in the MLS ever since La Pulga landed in...

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Cruise cabs in the authorities’ sights

by Louis Torronde 23 August 2023

  General Motors is in big trouble with its "CRUISE" autonomous vehicle division operating in San Francisco, as California authorities have decided to reduce the driverless cab fleet...

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How the MLS Has Improved the USMNT

by Dan Smadja 21 August 2023

ESPN   For as long as we can remember, we could never think of a time when the U.S. was seen as a football (soccer) threat. Even if...

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How Messi Has Become a Prolific Long-Shot Scorer

by Dan Smadja 20 August 2023

    Although most recent fans of Lionel Messi might be stunned by the title, it's true. Messi was never much of a threat outside the 25-meter line...

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Amazon lays people off and drives record profits

by Louis Torronde 20 August 2023

  Amazon is pleased with its handling of the redundancies, as profits have soared. In the second quarter, the online retail giant posted an operating profit of $7.7...

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Why Inter Miami Was the Perfect Fit For Messi?

by Dan Smadja 18 August 2023

CNN In the two years Lionel Messi played for PSG, his legacy was being tarnished. Even If he won a Ballon d'Or and seemed to be back to...

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The world’s largest empires

by Louis Torronde 17 August 2023

  Four of the ten largest empires are former Western colonial empires. The British Colonial Empire, with a surface area of 35,500,000 km2: since 1926, the Commonwealth has...

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The pleasant side of the US immigration agency

by David Smadja 16 August 2023

  Articles and negative comments have always flooded the internet concerning US immigration inspectors. Often described as heartless, impassive, and arrogant; they arbitrarily decide the future of thousands of individuals and...

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Sensitive UK data were stolen in a cyberattack

by Louis Torronde 14 August 2023

  It's the biggest data theft in UK history. Last week, the UK Electoral Commission acknowledged that it had been the victim of a "complex cyberattack", exposing the...

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Hawaii is fatally hit by a fire that is historic for the USA

by David Smadja 13 August 2023

  Almost 100 people have died in the fires that have engulfed the island of Maui, Hawaii, a heavy toll that earned the authorities a barrage of criticism...

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A new animal species found beneath the Antarctic seabed

by Louis Torronde 13 August 2023

Scientists discovered new underwater species in Antarctica (Image via X/@PiltoverMisfit)         Marine specialists and experts have discovered a previously unknown species of animal near the...

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Hawaii suffers its worst natural disaster

by Louis Torronde 11 August 2023

      Hawaii is in shock, and it's "the biggest natural disaster in the history" of Hawaii: almost 60 people have died in terrible fires that have...

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Brussels no longer wants the Chinese group Huawei in Europe

by Louis Torronde 10 August 2023

  Brussels is putting its foot down and accusing Chinese equipment manufacturers Huawei and ZTE, and calling on member states to apply its safety recommendations. It is asking...

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Meta’s connected glasses are a flop

by Louis Torronde 8 August 2023

  Ray-Ban's association with Facebook had the potential to seduce, but technical problems outweighed the expected success. The 300,000 units sold in a year and a half of...

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An Australian and his dog survive the Pacific

by David Smadja 7 August 2023

  An old Australian sea wolf and his dog were lost for two months aboard a catamaran in the Pacific Ocean, eating only raw fish and drinking rainwater....

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Thirteen is the magic number for Uber

by Louis Torronde 7 August 2023

  The miracle has happened: Uber is making money for the first time in 13 years, and the winning recipe is cost-cutting and sales growth. Uber, born on...

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Jamie Foxx revels in his anti-Semitic refrain

by c19-worldnews 6 August 2023

  Assassinations and murders always have the same false source, the "deicide people" and this is one of the oldest anti-Semitic stereotypes, and has been used throughout history...

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