Is it possible to be a billionaire in China and still be free?

by David Smadja 6 June 2023

  Chinese-style capitalism means telling entrepreneurs that they are free to do business, but only under certain conditions. Those who don't respect these conditions face very complicated situations,...

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Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant is a money pit

by Franck De Grasse 2 June 2023

In 2022, Alexa, Amazon's voice assistant, is not yet profitable and continues to be a financial drain, costing ten billion euros over the year. In search of the...

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Are there still seasons like summer or winter?

by David Smadja 24 May 2023

  Record cold temperatures in Canada (-40), record snowfall in California and unusually mild temperatures in France. What’s going on? “Last week, it was very cold and now...

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Is the Earth the only viable planet?

by Louis Torronde 22 May 2023

The Earth's solar system is located within the Milky Way galaxy, which itself is made up of several arms, including the Orion arm which houses our solar system....

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Should we be afraid of artificial intelligence?

by Louis Torronde 19 May 2023

  A Seattle laboratory claims to have succeeded in endowing artificial intelligence with its own morality to help it make the right choices. A debate that has been...

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Smiling is a sign of self-confidence

by Louis Torronde 18 May 2023

  The famous adage “success belongs to those who get up early” should be replaced by “success belongs to those who smile”, put away, the scowl, the behavior...

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The most polluting countries in the world

by Louis Torronde 17 May 2023

  The richest countries are the most polluting countries in the world. Unfortunately, the tracts are accumulating, but the results are disappointing.   According to the Global Carbon...

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Is there equality between men and women at work?

by Louis Torronde 16 May 2023

  After the book “Lean-In” by Sheryl Sandberg was published, it was immediately successful. The COO’s article on empowering women with Facebook shares advice on how to succeed....

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Eating pistachios is good for your health

by Louis Torronde 15 May 2023

  Pistachios (Pistacia vera) are rich in fiber, protein, vitamins, healthy fats, and antioxidants. They are nutrient-dense nuts with low-fat content. Some research states that these nuts may aid...

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The value of a Kg of coffee has become as expensive as gold

by Louis Torronde 14 May 2023

  Even moderate climate change could have significant effects on coffee production. According to one of the modelled scenarios, the total surface area of coffee crops could be halved, and Brazil, the...

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Are the CO2 emission data real?

by David Smadja 12 May 2023

  Companies are communicating more and more about their efforts to reduce their carbon footprint and their CO2 emissions, which have become one of the most pernicious dangers...

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Anti-Semites hate the “Rothschilds” family

by David Smadja 11 May 2023

From the cartoonish anti-Semitic posters of the 19th century to the misinformation linked to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Rothschild dynasty, which contributed to Europe’s golden age, remains a...

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Bulgaria, the native land of the Yogurt

by David Smadja 10 May 2023

  Yogurt has a long history. It was accidentally discovered around 4’000 years ago when nomadic tribes roamed the land. The nomads carried their milk in animal skins,...

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The “water hyacinth” flower, the flower that kills

by Louis Torronde 9 May 2023

The floods in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, have brought tons of water hyacinths on the river Buriganga This plant, native to the Amazon, has been proliferating for...

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The best countries to discover

by David Smadja 9 May 2023

  The best part of travelling is discovering a new life, a new philosophy, new cuisine and getting lost in the beauty of a place that is on...

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Wine is an ancient tradition in Bulgaria

by David Smadja 8 May 2023

  Radostin and Peter are the founders of the Georgiev/Milkov winery and embody a new generation of winemakers whose fresh ideas remain rooted in Bulgarian tradition despite everything....

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China-US tensions don’t stop progress

by Louis Torronde 5 May 2023

  The aeronautical world is moving very fast and ideas are coming out at high speed. One of them is revolutionary, a new hybrid space transport plane. The...

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Eating sugar can be dangerous to your health

by Louis Torronde 3 May 2023

  Researchers from Inserm, the University of Poitiers, King’s College London and the University of Lausanne published in the Journal of Hepatology have for the first time linked...

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The possibility to become vegetarian more easily

by Louis Torronde 2 May 2023

  Whether you’re trying to save the planet, improve your health or frankly, just want to be part of a trend, plant-based diets are rapidly growing in popularity....

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Travelling in space with nuclear power

by Louis Torronde 1 May 2023

  One of the major drawbacks of space travel is the time needed to connect the Earth to another planet, it takes, for example, about 7 months to...

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